Selected Shorts: Zack Carlson Presents a “10-Fisted Masterpiece Of Sex, Cake, Self-Loathing & Hot Dogs”

In our Selected Shorts series we’ve been asking some AFS Friends for their favorite short films and posting them here for all of you to enjoy.

Zack Carlson is an author (his Fantagraphics book DESTROY ALL MOVIES is the definitive reference work about punks on film), screenwriter, film producer, former programmer for Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, he has been one of the producers of Fantastic Fest for years and is now also works with AFS on a variety of projects.

He chose the 2010 Short by Jim Hosking, RENEGADES.

I choose RENEGADES because there’s really no other choice as far as I’m concerned. This ten-fisted masterpiece of sex, cake, self-loathing and hot dogs is absolutely and unquestionably my all-time favorite short film. Jim Hosking is not only a brilliant writer/director, but also has a supernatural knack for casting the most fascinating faces in the world. When I first stumbled across RENEGADES in 2010, I forced it on all three of my friends until I had no friends. It’s like no other movie, which is what all movies should strive to be like. The closing song will reverberate in your skeleton for decades. Watch it three times in a row or jump off a cliff. Either way, things will be much better.”

Watch RENEGADES here (Warning, not for the weak).