Zack McGhee’s ‘My Favorite Movie Podcast’ Is On The Air

Zack McGhee is an AFS member who can frequently be seen at film events around town. He is a man of immaculate taste and one of our favorite people to talk movies with. He has started a podcast called ‘My Favorite Movies’ in which he interviews knowledgable parties, all of them from Austin so far, about their favorite films, their lives, their taste etc. It’s surprisingly fascinating. The diversity of choices (THE NEVERENDING STORY, THE GOOD THE BAD & THE UGLY, UHF) is a reflection of Austin’s movie culture.

A couple of weeks back I spoke to Zack about my own life, my shadowy past, my road to a career in film programming and, naturally, my favorite movie TOUCH OF EVIL. It’s available on the site. Enjoy.