Selected Shorts: Mondo’s Justin Ishmael Presents GIANT GOD WARRIOR APPEARS IN TOKYO

Our ongoing Selected Shorts series presents different short films presented by creative luminary types. This time we have a short provided for us by Justin Ishmael, CEO of Mondo, the world’s leading purveyors of specialty printed posters and more.
Here’s Justin:
I took a trip to Japan a few years ago and happened upon an exhibit celebrating practical special effects in Japanese monster movies. Among the props there was a small standing room only theater. I went in not knowing what to expect then…. this started. After it finished, I watched it 5 more times as I never thought I’d be able to track it down as they said it was made ONLY for the exhibit. Luckily, it’s online and you can check it out. 
If you’re into GODZILLA, GAMERA, ULTRAMAN, PACIFIC RIM… any giant monster movies… please watch this. Although there probably is a little cgi in this (at the event they swore than 0% CGI was used), it’s a message to the world that practical effects can still be utilized effectively. The monsters felt there. They had weight. I miss that in most FX spectacles nowadays, but it’s amazing that in modern times someone felt the need to make this thing…. Studio Ghibli no less!
Here’s the link. No subtitles, but you’ll make out OK. Enjoy.