PETITE MAMAN’S Celine Sciamma on developing her cinematic voice

In case you missed it: Celine Sciamma’s PETITE MAMAN opens at AFS Cinema this week, and in preparation, we are revisiting this fabulous
New Yorker profile of Sciamma from February, which gets at the heart of what makes her films so fresh and alive. The piece was written by Elif Batuman, the acclaimed novelist of The Idiot (2018), a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. The two female artists have a fascinating discussion about narrative, Sciamma’s formative years, and the possibility of making art outside of patriarchal structures. It’s one of the best filmmaker profiles we’ve read in some time and the perfect teaser for Sciamma’s newest film.


Celine Sciamma is the director behind the breakthrough PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE (2018) and PETITE MAMAN, opening Friday, May 6, at AFS Cinema. Showtimes and details here. 


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