The Programmer’s Bookshelf Part Two: Jazmyne Moreno


This week we bring you our second installment of the Programmer’s Bookshelf. Here, AFS’s Associate Programmer Jazmyne Moreno takes us behind the scenes of a few of her favorite titles and into the minds of a colorful cast of characters.

“Bergman’s muse and collaborator reflects on her life from childhood to her career on the stage and screen. As with any memoir, it’d be a tedious read if Ullmann weren’t so compelling. One of my most prized books, this copy is a special edition, signed by the star herself.”


Retratos Ibéricos
“Bigas Luna was an incredible artist and filmmaker. This book offers insight into his creative mind, while providing some rare onset images from the making of The Iberian Trilogy [JAMÓN JAMÓN, GOLDEN BALLS, and THE TIT AND THE MOON].”


Check out Instagram for more images from the book: austinfilm

JAMÓN JAMÓN screens on February 18 & 20, 2022 as part of our Love Month series at the AFS Cinema.


Midnight Baby
“There isn’t a more eloquent way to describe the explosive autobiography of the Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter Dory Previn, best known for her composition of the theme song for THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, sung by Dionne Warwick, and her connection to Mia Farrow.” Dory Previn’s life was wild, sad, incredible, and her book makes for an amazing read.”


All I Need is Love 
“I don’t need to say much about Klaus Kinski and his incendiary “autobiography.” Featured in BEFORE SUNRISE, read it (if you can get your hands on it) for his version of events on the production of AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD and check out Jesus Christ Saviour.”
Kinski interview in promotion of Jesus Christus Erlöser (Jesus Christ Saviour):


The Girl of Silence – The Photography 
“THE GIRL OF SILENCE is a film I’ve never seen. Photographer George Hashiguchi spent two months on set, photographing the cast, and their makeshift family. The images are stark and haunting. Maybe I’ll get around to watching the film, based on the writings of Shungiku Uchida (VISITOR Q), at some point, but for now, this book is enough.”

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