The Holiday season is upon us, and at AFS, that means it’s a time of giving (and sharing great cinema). With Black Friday and Giving Tuesday freshly behind us and the December holidays ahead, we figured we’d make your job as a gift-giver easy with a handy guide, including a few items handpicked by our programmers. 

AFS Gift Cards

Fresh off the presses (or the online equivalent) are digital gift cards, good for movie tickets and equipment/production classes. They’re an easy way to support both the Cinema and Austin Public, and you can pre-schedule them in advance for a timely arrival to the recipient of your choice. If you’re really close to this person, they might even take you with them to their next movie or class …

Click here to purchase an AFS gift card.

Holiday Programming at the Cinema

Maybe you’re not convinced your gift-card recipient is going to bring you to the movies with them (a bummer, but technically OK). The surefire way to get to the theater is to join us for our Home for the Holidays programming. We’ll be screening a little bit of everything: cinema classics, family-friendly films, and some art-house favorites as well. (Also, here’s your friendly reminder that all purchases made at the box office, concessions, and the bar go toward supporting our nonprofit mission.)

Home for the Holidays

Other December Highlights

Recommendation from the Programmers:

Subscribe to Decadent Editions 

“For the best gift you can give yourself or the budding cinephile in your life, my money is on a Decadent Editions subscription. Each book takes a deep dive into a contemporary classic with a perspective that is by turns thrilling and insightful.” —Jazmyne Moreno

Titles include Goodbye, Dragon Inn and Inland Empire, both books about films we’ve screened at AFS Cinema. Check out Decadent Editions titles and subscriptions here.

Give, Join, or Renew a Membership

For those that are unfamiliar, here’s how our memberships work: You choose a level and get discounts (or free tickets, in the case of our Signature Screenings) on movies and on classes at Austin Public. You also get to be a part of the Austin film community and attend sneak previews, member mixers, and other exciting events. During the Holiday season, we sweeten the deal by giving special gifts to those who give, join, or renew a membership. Anyone who does so between now and January 2, 2023, will get a punch card worth five concessions. As a bonus, those joining/renewing at the LOVE level or above will get an AFS beanie as well, which you can give to a fellow movie lover or keep for yourself; the choice is yours.

Click here to give, join, or renew an AFS Membership.

Recommendation from the Programmers:

Philippa Snow’s New Book 

For anyone looking for a “hard-hitting” gift, look no further than Philippa Snow’s Which As You Know Means Violence: On Self-Injury as Art and Entertainment, which dives into and addresses the thorny “role that violence plays in twenty-first-century art and culture” through the work of Buster Keaton, Harmony Korine, Marina Abramović, Jackass, various YouTube stunt performers, and more.

Check out an excerpt from the book (courtesy of Tank Magazine) here.

AFS Gifts and Merchandise

For those wanting to do a bit of browsing, there are some excellent gifts for sale in the AFS Cinema lobby. We have a variety of AFS tees with various designs for every type of filmgoer. We also have baseball caps and beanies to match. We even have AFS-branded mugs and a selection of books for sale, perfect for getting cozy during the rare nights when the weather’s cold in Texas. We have everything you need except the wrapping paper, so stop by to check out our selection.

Make a Donation

The most direct way to support AFS is through donations, which can always be made on someone else’s behalf. The money we raise supports our various programs: travel and production grants for filmmakers; workshops and training; our unique workforce development program, Creative Careers; and more. Our mission is to support the next generation of filmmakers not just in Austin but in Texas and across the U.S., and it’s with your support that we’re able to accomplish that each year.

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