The Producer Program


An AUSTIN PUBLIC “PRODUCER” is an individual who cablecasts portions of their content onto Austin Public’s cable channels and streaming services and may become certified to use the production resources at Austin Public by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Producers must be at least 15 years of age and live within Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell or Hays County.

CONTENT PRODUCERS: If you’re only interested in utilizing our content distribution then you’ll still complete steps 1 – 3 listed below but there is no subscription fee required. Airing content is free of charge. Series fees still apply. Just let us know on the Producer Documents Form that you’re only interested in content distribution. More information will be provided about content distribution in our Media Policy class.


We suggest reading our First Steps packet to find out more about the Producer Program.

STEP 1: Attend an Orientation class. At Orientation, attendees will be provided with details about accessing the resources available at Austin Public and walked through the process of joining.

STEP 2: Submit proof of identity and Austin area residency and complete this required Producer Documents Form.

STEP 3: Attend a Media Policy class. This class is required and provides Producers with the ability to submit content for channel distribution, use our edit lab and conference room.

STEP 4 (optional):  If you want to access the production & meeting spaces and/or production equipment then sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription to access those resources. These payment links will be made available via email once a person has completed step 1-3. Your payment options are:

  • Yearly Subscription: $120/year
  • Monthly Subscription: $12/month-to-month


All upcoming classes are found here and you’ll see a tag for the ones labeled “Certification Class.” These are the classes that unlock the ability for a Producer to reserve the resources  taught in a particular certification class for no additional cost. These classes may be taken at any time and someone does not need to have joined the program before training on the resources. Once you’ve paid a subscription fee to access the resources there is no rental fee to use those resources that you’ve trained on. Checking out gear and/or studio space is called a “reservation.”


Scholarship Eligibility: Individuals who are at least 18 years of age and live within our service area of Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell and Hays county and earns 80% of the current area median family income or less are eligible for a sliding scale scholarship. Please click here to determine if you qualify. To apply for a scholarship, click here.


Renewing Producer Fee – Please email for payment link 

Producer Program: First Steps, Classes & Equipment lists

Upload your scanned proof of identity and residency

Full Austin Public Policies and Procedures

Universal Warranties Contract

How to Upload your File, File Requirements & Content Policies


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