Virtual Screening


Directed by Annie Silverstein

United States, 2020, 1h 14min

Virtual Screening

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Directed by AFS-supported filmmaker Annie Silverstein. Kris, a headstrong teenager from a rural neighborhood on the outskirts of Houston, is destined to follow her mother to the state penitentiary, until she’s forced to work for her equally willful neighbor, Abe, an aging bullrider struggling to keep a foothold in the rodeo circuit. Drawing consolation from an unlikely bond, Kris and Abe both attempt to right their paths, before it’s too late.

Watch a Virtual Intro from director Annie Silverstein

Watch a Virtual Q&A with Annie Silverstein, Producer Monique Walton, and stars Rob Morgan and Amber Havard.


“A wondrous vision of life on the edge.”- Indiewire

“It’s not often that a piece of cinema like this comes along, something so simply composed and precise, that it is genuinely affecting. …A masterstroke.”- Forbes