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Directed by Hong Sangsoo

South Korea, 2021, 1h 6min, DCP, In Korean with English Subtitles

New Releases

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“Scintillating… Radically casual… As bracing as a brief dip in a freezing sea after a rather too soju-soaked luncheon.”

“Satisfying… Fascinating… Mesmerically simple.”
Little White Lies

Youngho (Shin Seokho) goes to see his father who is tending to a famous patient. He surprises his girlfriend, Juwon (Park Miso), in Berlin where she is studying fashion design. He goes to a seaside hotel to meet his mother and brings his friend Jeongsoo (Ha Seongguk) with him. In each instance, he anticipates an important conversation. But sometimes a shared look, or a shared smoke, can mean as much as anything we could say to those close to us. For his twenty-fifth feature as director and his first as cinematographer, Hong Sangsoo offers a simple tale of young people on the edge of adulthood. INTRODUCTION cuts to the essence of who we are as people, like an unexpected hug on a winter’s day.