Selected Shorts: Emily Hagins Presents a Short Film About an Awful Man & a Dog

Emily Hagins, who just turned 22, has been making films for the past 12 years, including four features. Making films has been a part of her life for nearly as long as she can remember and she has the distinction of being the youngest ever recipient of an AFS Grant for film production.

We asked her to choose a short that she especially likes. She chose CARPARK from a London collective that calls itself Birdbox Studio.

She explains:

I love this short because it’s a complete story in one and a half minutes. It doesn’t need to use dialog, different angles, or even color (except for one crucial shot at the end). It’s simple storytelling at it’s best, with a universal sense of humor. It’s not flashy, but uses it’s cinematic techniques effectively to make every moment memorable.