Meet the Programmer: Jazmyne Moreno of Lates Previews the New Summer Line-up

Another month of Lates kicks off Friday, July 5 with THE REFLECTING SKIN at AFS Cinema. Purchase tickets. 

Our monthly Lates series returns this Friday, showcasing the new cult film canon guest programmed by Jazmyne Moreno. On the new line-up Moreno says, “From Philip Ridley’s gothy Idaho wheat fields to Tsukamoto’s buzzy thrills—the cult canon gets some trashy (literally) new additions. Oh yeah, and did I mention the talking penis? There’s a talking penis.” With that, Lates keeps it hot all summer long. AFS sits down with Moreno to find out more about the series and upcoming films:

Where and how did you begin doing film programming?
I got my start doing screening series at a number of bars and coffeeshops—Hole in the Wall, Indian Roller, Cherrywood Coffeehouse, and Joe’s. From there I moved on to guest programming, and later co-programming, for Weird Wednesday at the Alamo Drafthouse. Later, I was asked to conceive a series for AFS, that series, the monthly Deep End, later merged with the pre-existing weekly series, Lates, which I eventually took over.

What advice would you give to budding programmers?
Curation is about speaking with someone else’s work—know what you want to say.

How would you define the Lates series? What are your goals with the series?
The tagline says it all: “the new cult canon”. From the fringes of the arthouse and beyond—it’s a little of what you know, some you don’t, and a whole hell of a lot of weird. The goal? To introduce the audience to something they’d otherwise not seek out. Broadening horizons, that’s what it’s all about.

How did this series come together?
After the demise of Deep End – it seems surprisingly very few people were into the bestiality romance of WILD – I was asked to bring my tastes to Lates.

What’s been your most memorable experience with Lates thus far?
The ‘most memorable experience’? It’s always memorable. Sold out screenings for the unfinished Polish sci-fi epic ON THE SILVER GLOBE. Assyas’ DEMONLOVER on 35mm. Confused theatergoers after JE T’AIME MOI NON PLUS. Watching as everyone collectively decided not to move during THE BEAST (LA BETE). Whether it’s hearing people say, “I waited 30 years to see that” or “I never thought I’d see that in a theater” or even “I hate it”—it’s always memorable.

Do you have any particular filmmakers you hope to explore in your future programs?
Sure, but if I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

What can you say about this summer’s upcoming LATES?
On THE REFLECTING SKIN: Philip Ridley proves no one does disturbing like children’s authors when the new restoration of THE REFLECTING SKIN hits the screen in July. Truly an unappreciated classic of the ’90s. Also, a young Viggo Mortensen.

On A SNAKE OF JUNE: Takashi Miike once said of Shinya Tsukamoto, “I will never be able to beat this guy”—he’s right, no one can.

On TRASH HUMPERS: Gotta respect that Harmony Korine basically said, “I’m not fooling anyone.” It’s a VHS-shot film about people who hump trash, of course it’s in 35mm. Selena Gomez once called this her favorite Harmony Korine film.

On ERASERHEAD: New cult canon meet the old cult canon. Lates hits a classic with one of the original midnight movies.

On HOLY MOTORS: Leos Carax + Denis Lavant = Perfection.

On MARQUIS: This is what Lates is all about. The Marquis de Sade as a cocker spaniel. A talking penis. Yes, a talking penis. From Henri Henri Xhonneux and Roland Topor, the surrealist who worked on everything from FANTASTIC PLANET to Fellini’s CASANOVA, comes a film that leaves me at a loss for words. An absolute highlight of, not just the summer, but the series thus far!

What can we look forward to in the future?
Musicals. Screaming in the desert. Murder. Basically, what can’t you look forward to?