AFS’s January Essential Cinema: Focus on Iconic French Actor Jeanne Moreau

For our January Essential Cinema program, AFS presents Jeanne Moreau: High Season, featuring a series of masterpieces Moreau starred in from 1958-1963. Too often narrowly viewed as an art house sex symbol or icon of the French New Wave, Moreau was a mesmerizing actor whose performative insights defined an era. Throughout the month, we will showcase this selection of films starring Moreau by giants of European cinema, including BAY OF ANGELS, JULES & JIM, LA NOTTE, and ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS—opening this Thursday, January 9 at 7 PM, at the AFS Cinema. The full series line up and tickets can be found here.

For a closer look, here is an interview with Moreau on NPR’s Fresh Air (originally aired in 1993) reflecting back on her phenomenal career, which spanned nearly seven decades, and how it all started.

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