AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Author & TV Movie Expert Amanda Reyes

On the latest AFS Viewfinders podcast we are joined by Amanda Reyes, who has certainly staked out a place as one of the preeminent experts on that much-maligned hybrid entertainment form, the Made-For-TV movie. Amanda runs the podcast and site Made For TV Mayhem and has done a large number of disc commentaries, most recently for the excellent TV Movie PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS. She has also lectured all around the world on the subject of TV movies. Her book “Are You In The House Alone: A TV Movie Compendium 1964-1999” is both an essential resource for fans of the form and a very entertaining read.

Here, we talk about the origins of the TV Movie, the creative forces behind the best ones, and why they were an important outlet for some very talented women. We also take a moment to discuss the episodic television show CHARLIE’S ANGELS, since our History Of Television screening on that subject was so rudely canceled in light of the current crisis.

Finally, Amanda offers some recommendations of Made For TV movies available on Amazon Prime for streaming.

Here are Amanda’s recommendations for streaming TV Movies, though you will find many more films for your watchlist mentioned in the discussion, so take notes as you listen, or use this handy Letterboxd list as a resource.

  • GO ASK ALICE (1973, D. John Korty)
  • BORN INNOCENT (1974, D. Donald Wrye)
  • COME DIE WITH ME (1974, D. Burt Brinckerhoff)
  • SHADOW OF FEAR (1974, D. Herbert Kenwith)
  • INVASION OF CAROL ENDERS (1974, D. Burt Brinckerhoff)
  • NIGHTMARE AT 43 HILLCREST (1974, D. Dan Curtis, Lela Swift)
  • TRILOGY OF TERROR (1975, D. Dan Curtis)
  • KILLJOY (1981, D. John Llewellyn Moxey)
  • POLICEWOMAN CENTERFOLD (1983, D. Reza Badiyi)
  • THE EXECUTION (1985, D. Paul Wendkos)
  • FEAR STALK (1989, D. Larry Shaw)
  • CAROLINE? (1990, D. Joseph Sargent)
  • FACE OF EVIL (1996, D. Mary Lambert)

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