Essential Cinema: World Animation


Directed by Alberto Vázquez & Pedro Rivero

Spain, 2017, 1h 16min, DCP, In Spanish with English Subtitles

Essential Cinema  World Animation

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

“Enthralling and effortlessly relevant, BIRDBOY is a searing contemporary fantasy, and often unrelenting in its savage attacks on greed, acquisitiveness, the disposable society, and some not-so-subtle jabs at Spanish Catholicism. Yet, for all that brutality, and the continual sense that these children face overwhelming odds from a cruel world, there is a heartfelt sense of hope, that a better world may be reachable. There are no Disney happy ends here, but there is a less bleak future, if only we can look beyond our own blackened, monstrous hearts.” – Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

A post-apocalyptic wasteland, adolescent love and hope in a depleted landscape – even in the darkest of worlds, hope persists. BIRDBOY is a striking, Goya award-winning, fever-dream populated by anthropomorphic creatures, human in their dreams and yearnings, trapped in a world destroyed by nuclear catastrophe. Confined to a wasteland, Dinki and her friends plan to escape the island they call home in search of a better life. Only a sullen, pill-popping, BIRDBOY, secluded from the world, beset by personal demons, holds the secret to a brighter future.

Please note: this film contains profanity and frightening imagery.

The first 50 ticket holders to check in at the box office (each BIRDBOY screening) will receive a free enamel pin!

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