Queer Cinema: Lost & Found


Directed by Steven Winter/Barbara Hammer

USA, 1997/86, 1h 30min, DCP

Queer Cinema: Lost & Found

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

“A riotous comedy and a sensitive, compassionate melodrama”

“Introduces a memorable gallery of characters”
The Austin Chronicle

A band of radical HIV+ activists of color take extreme measures to combat conservative politicians and government apathy towards AIDS in Stephen Winter’s wildly anarchic and sadly underseen New Queer Cinema classic, CHOCOLATE BABIES. Paired with Barbara Hammer’s 1986 video about the media’s response to the epidemic, SNOW JOB: THE MEDIA HYSTERIA OF AIDS.

Director Steven Winter will join us for a virtual Q&A moderated by queer film historian and programmer Elizabeth Purchell after the screening on Saturday, September 24.

Chocolate Babies - 1

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