No Cover: Films by Bette Gordon – Filmmaker In Person!


Directed by Bette Gordon

USA, Various years, 1h 27min, Digital

No Cover: Films by Bette Gordon – Filmmaker In Person!

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Director Bette Gordon LIVE in person.

Bette Gordon began her film work in New York the 1970s. Some of her very first released work were collaborations with visual artist and avant garde filmmaker James Benning. These films were Gordon’s early investigations of the possibilities of film structure and narrative as well as female representation. Her featurette EMPTY SUITCASES was an early solo work that explored the themes and visual concepts that would continue to surface in her oeuvre, and led directly into the making of VARIETY. Films in this program include: MICHIGAN AVENUE (Gordon/Benning, 1973), I-94 (Gordon/Benning, 1974), THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Gordon/Benning, 1975), EMPTY SUITCASES (Gordon, 1980).


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