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Bill Gunn’s ‘Holy Grail of Film’ PERSONAL PROBLEMS Presented in 2 Parts

A lost treasure of Bill Gunn’s work, PERSONAL PROBLEMS is a TV movie that never aired. Shot on the defunct ¾ inch U-Matic videotape, Kino unearthed and restored this film in all its hazy digital glory. Despite the drawbacks and imperfections of the format, the sentiment of the film is emotionally stunning. Each aspect of […]

Interview with HITLER’S HOLLYWOOD Director

In the new documentary HITLER’S HOLLYWOOD the idea of media manipulation is brought to a head as we explore Joseph Goebbels’ career as the head of producing and distributing Nazi propaganda films during World War II. The documentary, coming to the AFS Cinema on July 15th, offers an objective view on the films’ strategic focus […]

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