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Here’s why everyone is freaking out about the “passionate… tempestuous” COLD WAR, opening Friday at AFS Cinema

COLD WAR opens at the AFS Cinema Friday, January 25. Tickets are on sale now. It’s rare that a subtitled, black-and-white, Eastern European art film like COLD WAR crosses over and becomes a must-see for even general audiences. But the film, written and directed by Polish filmmaker Pawel Pawlikowski (IDA) strikes so many universal chords in […]

Meet the Programmers: Homo Arigato

photo by John Anderson for The Austin Chronicle Since re-opening the doors of the AFS Cinema in 2017, AFS has been able to expand our offerings and bring in new partners to help program the screens. One of our monthly collaborators is Homo Arigato, a 5+ year-running film series focused on rare and beautiful queer films. Homo Arigato made […]

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