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Watch This: ‘Rejected’ Animator Don Hertzfeldt Takes Us Into his Creative Process

Today, Don Hertzfeldt is one of the best-known and most highly acclaimed makers of animated films in the world. He has won hundreds of international prizes and been nominated for multiple Academy Awards. Back in the year 2000 however, he was a relatively unknown commodity, toiling away at an old-school 35mm animation rig in his […]

Watch This: 30 Minutes with the ‘Most Exciting Woman in the World,’ Eartha Kitt

On stage or on screen, Eartha Kitt was a mesmerizing talent. And, as we can see in this 2001 interview, she was also a conversationalist with few peers. The performance aspects of great conversation come to the fore here, as she tells her best stories and, along the way, provides a master-class in stage presence. […]

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