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READ THIS: Beautifully Harrowing: Why You Must Bear Witness to “COME & SEE”

COME & SEE is considered the most devastating anti-war film ever made. Released in the later years of the artistically liberating time of Glasnost, Soviet Union director Elem Klimov tells the story of a Belarusian village being invaded by Hitler’s German troops in 1943. Young Flyora decides to join the Soviet army to defend his […]

Read More: Don Hertzfeldt’s Stick Figures at 20

Oscar-nominated animator Don Hertzfeldt is the DIY genius behind animations such as Rejected, The Meaning of Life and It’s Such a Beautiful Day. His lo-fi, yet visionary, cartoons have had an indelible impact on audiences across the world, predicting and shaping the postmodern, nihilistic comedy of the memes and viral videos that followed. In anticipation […]

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