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Heart of Weirdness: The Story Behind HAUSU

HAUSU screens at AFS Cinema in 35mm through October 31st. Get tickets. It’s hard to imagine the making of HAUSU; it might be easier to write it off as having arrived from some distant dimension. Leading up to the ’70s, HAUSU producer Toho Studios was one of the major Japanese movie studios. They had spawned many […]

Beyond the Street: Garry Winogrand Photographs Austin in the 1970s

GARRY WINOGRAND: ALL THINGS ARE PHOTOGRAPHABLE opens Friday, October 26 at AFS Cinema. Buy tickets. Garry Winogrand rejected the term “street photography.” He would explain in a thick Bronx accent, “I don’t think it tells you anything about a photographer or work, in a way . . . call me instead a zoo photographer, it […]

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