Behind the Scenes with BOYHOOD’S Ellar Coltrane, AFS’ Chale Nafus & Set Photographer Matt Lankes

A couple of weeks ago AFS Director of Programming Chale Nafus visited with BOYHOOD star Ellar Coltrane and Photographer Matt Lankes as part of the Talks At Google lecture series.

It’s a great opportunity to hear more from Coltrane than the usual sound bites about the process of making a film over the course of 12-years. Also, Lankes, who was the set photographer throughout the process shares his memories from the set.

Over 200 of Lankes’ photographs, along with texts by Coltrane, Richard Linklater, and many other cast and crew members, are collected in the new University Of Texas Press book “Boyhood – Twelve Years On Film”.

Here is their conversation:

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