Kevin Brownlow’s Outstanding 1980 Documentary Miniseries HOLLYWOOD is Online

For those of us who love and cherish cinema history, Kevin Brownlow is a hero. He has preserved so much of the history of the silent era in his books, through his interviews with the people who were there, and in his restoration work.

In 1980, along with his valuable collaborator David Gill, Brownlow expanded his essential Hollywood history “The Parade’s Gone By” into a miniseries for Thames television. It is probably the best documentary about this era we will ever have – it features many rare film clips, interviews with then-living participants and Brownlow and Gil’s words narrated by James Mason.

It’s outstanding and now it is all on YouTube. This is more than a crucial cultural resource, it is great storytelling and great history.

And so on, follow the links on YouTube to get to the rest. Enjoy!