Watch Francis Ford Coppola and Akira Kurosawa Booze It Up Suntory-Style

“The world’s gaze is fixed on these two men right now, as on nobody else.”
In 1979, Akira Kurosawa, with an assist from superfan George Lucas, got the green light from 20th Century Fox to produce his epic film KAGEMUSHA. Lucas then brought in his own mentor, Francis Ford Coppola, to act as co-producer. The rest is history. After some production hiccups, the film was made and became an international commercial and critical success.
While filming KAGEMUSHA, Kurosawa and Coppola took time to make a commercial for the ubiquitous Suntory whiskey. Here’s a whole string of them. Some are a little repetitive but it’s fascinating watching these two masters clink glasses.

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