Happy Birthday Guillermo del Toro: Watch His Spellbinding Texas Film Awards Speech

Every year at the Texas Film Awards, all of us AFS staffers are busy running around, doing our jobs,  trying to appear convivial and have fun while simultaneously doing what we can to make the show run well. As a result, we don’t often get to see the speeches and presentations onstage except in hurried, overheard, incomplete sections. But there was one speaker this year who made us all stop in our tracks, hit pause, and listen.
Guillermo del Toro, who was presented with an Honorary Texan Award that night, gave an acceptance speech that did no harm to his reputation as a warm, witty and engaging extemporaneous speaker. His speech is by turns funny and heartfelt. You can watch the whole thing here, including the presentation by Robert Rodriguez and the highlight montage, on the occasion of his 51st birthday today. Happy birthday GDT!