The year’s best mystery thriller is also a documentary: THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS

THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS opens this Friday, July 13, at AFS Cinema. This month: AFS members receive a $2 discount on New Releases.

Identical triplets separated at birth are miraculously reunited one-by-one as adults. That initial premise alone could compose a fascinating documentary – but what THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS unearths about these triplets’ past is so much more far-fetched and jaw-dropping.

Critics are careful to divulge too much, saying “the less you know the better.” – The New Yorker

Mike LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle says the film is, “like a narrative feature by a master storyteller… we come away with a deeper understanding of both the importance of nature and the awesome importance of loving, sensitive parenting.”

“A many-sided rumination on psychiatric ethics, mental health and different schools of parenting, THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS is effortlessly riveting.” Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“Wardle treats his thrilling documentary as an intricate detective story. He involves his audience in every discovery step by step, revealing not only a heartbreaking tale of familial tragedy, but also an unsettling account of corruption, with disturbing parallels to historically catastrophic human greed and misjudgment.” Tomris Laffly,

“The best way to experience Tim Wardle’s documentary is to do so without knowing a single thing about it. So before proceeding any further, let’s just get this out of the way: It’s an excellent movie, and you should see it.” Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice

We don’t want to accidentally spoil one twist of this engrossing, acclaimed new film, so stop reading and just go see THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS at AFS Cinema, starting this Friday, July 13.

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