Augustine Frizzell gives us the real-life NEVER GOIN’ BACK tour of Garland, Texas

In Augustine Frizzell’s exuberant comedy NEVER GOIN’ BACK, two teenage girls, high school drop outs, live on their own, waitress at the local pancake house, and scheme about putting together enough cash to make rent, party, and take a spontaneous trip to the beach, if they don’t get fired first.
While the ill-advised adventures of the two heroines are as laugh out loud hilarious as the best Hollywood comedies, the film is grounded in an authenticity that comes from the filmmaker’s intense connection with the material. The real-life people and places of Garland, Texas, where Frizzell was herself a high school drop out and pancake house waitress, are behind every scene.
We asked Augustine to take a drive around Garland and give us a tour of the places that she spent her teen years and lived the experiences that she fictionalized for NEVER GOIN’ BACK. Aside from a few corporate brands that you won’t see in the film, here’s a case of the movie versions being as close as it comes to the originals.

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