“The Only Difference Between Tragedy and Comedy is the Ending” – An Interview with WOMAN AT WAR Director Benedikt Erlingsson

WOMAN AT WAR is both a surreal dark comedy and an uplifting film about urgent environmental activism bound to appeal to fans of Aki Kaurismäki and Ruben Östlund (FORCE MAJEURE). The fact that the tuba-heavy score to the film is provided entirely by onscreen musicians – who are invisible and inaudible to the film’s characters – should give you a hint that this is not your typical Icelandic eco-terrorism saga. – AFS Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen

Watch this interview with director Benedikt Erlingsson at Cannes Critics’ Week in which he discusses why he made a comedy, the role of the on-screen soundtrack, surveillance societies, and more.

WOMAN AT WAR opens April 5th at the AFS Cinema. Purchase tickets.

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