Explore Early Hitchcock in “Hitchcock Before Hollywood” Series, Beginning Tonight at AFS Cinema

Hitchcock Before Hollywood begins April 4th with THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH and continues through April 28. See the full line-up and showtimes here.

This month, AFS presents a series of the four films Hitchcock made in the United Kingdom before he traveled to Hollywood. With these films, Hitchcock made his reputation as the master of suspense and well sought-after in Hollywood. Join this month as we watch the films that made Hitchcock, Hitchcock.


Apr 4

This thriller, which Hitchcock himself remade 22 years later with significant alterations, is about an ordinary British family on holiday who become embroiled in international intrigue. Featuring Peter Lorre, who steals the show in his first English language role after fleeing the Nazis.


Apr 11 and Apr 13

This film, a major critical and popular success, stars Robert Donat as a man on the run, faced with the dual burden of trying to elude capture for suspicion of a murder he did not commit, while trying to break up a spy ring he accidentally discovers in the process. A masterpiece of escapist entertainment that has it all—suspense, humor and romance—with the prototypical “Hitchcock blonde” Madeleine Carroll.


Apr 17

SABOTAGE is one of the films that made Alfred Hitchcock’s reputation as a master of suspense. The story of a woman (Sylvia Sidney) who suspects her husband of nefarious doings contains some of Hitchcock’s best suspense set-pieces. With Oscar Homolka as the husband. Based on Joseph Conrad’s novel The Secret Agent.


Apr 25 and Apr 28

This sophisticated romantic thriller is a perfectly engineered entertainment machine starring the very funny and charming tandem of Michael Redgrave and Margaret Lockwood with Dame May Whitty as the vanishing lady. It’s no surprise that shortly after making this film Hitchcock began packing his bags for the greener pastures (and greener paychecks) of Hollywood.

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