Read This: Cinema 40’s original writing on Jean-Luc Godard’s LA CHINOISE

Our November Essential Cinema series Cinema 40 continues this week with a screening of Jean-Luc Godard’s LA CHINOISE on Thursday, November 21. Cinema 40, Austin’s first film society, laid the groundwork for the city’s contemporary film scene by helping to create UT’s first film department, bringing avant-garde films and luminaries to campus, and publishing a quarterly—Harbinger magazine—that featured original writing by Susan Sontag, Ernest Callenbach, and others. One of those luminaries, Godard, was venerated by the Cinema 40 crowd, and the group convinced the director to come on his only known Texas visit in 1967. Get a glimpse into Cinema 40 history with this excerpt from Harbinger, a critical essay on LA CHINOISE, which Godard presented in person on that visit. If you enjoy this article, you can pick up a copy of our Cinema 40 zine at AFS Cinema while supplies last.








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