Listen Here: Marlene Dietrich Talks About Her Favorite Records

The great star of stage and screen Marlene Dietrich was interviewed as part of the BBC’s long-running “Desert Island Discs” program in 1965. She was in a theater dressing room while on one of her many cabaret tours. As you might expect from her screen persona, the real Dietrich was a brilliant and restless explorer of life. This is reflected in her musical selections.

The interviewer gives a brief recital of her career, frequently interrupted by Miss Dietrich’s corrections and amendments. The musical numbers are omitted in this recording, but if you have the time – and you probably do, let’s face it – you can find them all on YouTube, Spotify, or, perhaps in your own collection.

Here is the link to the radio show.

And, because it is one of the most incandescent entrées into stardom, below is Miss Dietrich’s screen test for her self-professed debut film THE BLUE ANGEL in 1930. In fact, she had done a good amount of screen acting before this, but out of respect for this great artist, we will allow her story to stand. We think you can detect some glimmer of screen presence here:

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