Watch The 2020 AFS-Supported and Member SXSW Short Films Here

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all sectors of our lives and our various forms of work. The cancellation of SXSW has had enormous ramifications for our city and region. Take a moment to consider one small corner of this disaster – it’s not as serious as the loss of life, of course, but it is enormously meaningful to the people affected.

Film festivals offer short film programs for a very good reason. For many filmmakers it provides an entry-point into festival-going. Time and time again, the inclusion of a short into a respected fest has been the beginning of a productive film career for its maker – and often for cast and crew as well. The chance to spend time among peers and meet potential funders is an enormous help, and the loss of this opportunity will necessarily have a negative effect on their professional development, and on the art form in an unquantifiable way.

As many of you know, AFS supports filmmakers with production grants, travel funding and finishing resources. It is a big part of why we’re here. So in that spirit, we wanted to share some of the short films created by AFS-supported filmmakers and members with you and encourage you to share the ones you like with others on social media or in whatever way suits you. And don’t stop there. Watch all the available SXSW selected shorts here.

Dir. Sai Selvarajan, AFS Member

A fight to be born, a fight to survive, a fight to find your place, and the fight to maintain. All degrees of the same struggle.


Dir. Jessica Wolfson & Jessie Auritt, AFS Grant-supported film

A portrait of Millie “The Paint Wizzard” McCrory, who decided at the age of 58 to change her name and pronouns and embrace her authentic self, cat ears and all.


Dir. Carlyn Hudson, AFS Filmmaker Support programs alum

Kerry attends a sleepover with Katie, a socially awkward, mysteriously orphaned heiress. Kerry learns the hard way that Katie gets what she wants.


Support for the sharing of these films has been generously provided by Oscilloscope Films and Mailchimp.

As a special bonus, here is one from the AFS Shortcase, a special selection of films created by AFS Members:

From director Alonso J. Luján, the music video for Galapaghost’s song “Jellyfish.”



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