Watch this: Austin Bookshop Workers Dish in Celebration of THE BOOKSELLERS

Lars Nilsen here, of AFS. In commemoration of the new virtual release of the doc THE BOOKSELLERS, opening this Friday via AFS, we wanted to have a little panel discussion with some of our favorite local booksellers. Full disclosure: I have known these folks for nearly two decades, so we’re having a little fun here – and the discussion at times verges on some more vulgar content – but not too vulgar.


There’s also a technical abnormality throughout that sounds like an intoxicated duck with intestinal gas jogging, so that’s annoying, but we’re all learning here and I think that the discussion is interesting enough to overcome the distraction of the farting duck sound.


Anyhow, whether or not you see THE BOOKSELLERS with us – and you should! – enjoy this panel with South Congress Books’ Sheri Tornatore and Half Price Books North Lamar’s Merrit Spencer and Turisa Rucker. And read a book!


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