Listen Here: Kelly Reichardt & Olivier Assayas In Conversation

Here’s an interview that you may have missed when it was released straight into the vortex of the initial stage of Covid panic back in March – a mere 2,000 months ago – or that’s how it feels anyway. The actual conversation that we hear took place a number of months earlier (and that’s when the unmasked, un-distanced photo that accompanies it was taken as well, so don’t worry).

These are two of the most important voices in contemporary world cinema right now and it is a joy to hear them talk about their encounter points with each others’ work. They could not be more complimentary or more sincere, and the insights come from a place of deep knowledge about both the mechanisms and the soul of cinema.

Reichardt’s new film FIRST COW was scheduled at the AFS Cinema before we closed for safety purposes. We also hosted an Olivier Assayas retrospective in 2018 with the director in attendance.

The actual interview starts at the 5:55 mark if you want to skip the framing remarks – mostly about who Reichardt and Assayas are for those who might not know their work. Thanks to Talkhouse for making this available so that the rest of us can have the sensation of sitting silently at a dinner table and eavesdropping on these two contemporary masters.

Here it is.


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