Vulcan Video The Exit Interviews: Getting Hired, Partying on the Clock & Legendary Lance

We are winding down our series of oral histories of the now-defunct but forever-beloved Vulcan Video next week. Here is the penultimate collection of videos from the former employees. You can go back and check out the earlier parts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Next week we will post the last few edits and then add all the raw videos submitted by the employees to our YouTube channel so that future historians of video stores (and enthusiasts of the syllable “um”) can have a field day.

In the first video we hear about the high levels of warm Lone Star consumption at the south store, particularly Friday and Saturday night closing shifts.

Then we hear about the famously tough job-interviews and how well – or poorly – some of our correspondents did.

Finally, we hear some memories of the late, great Lance Hahn, punk legend and outlaw film scholar – pictured above with the VHS of Lindsay Anderson’s IF….  Lance left us in 2007 but no one who knew him will ever forget the time spent with him.

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