It’s William Powell’s Birthday, Have A Drink

Today we raise a glass to one of classic Hollywood’s great leading men, William Powell, who was born on July 29th, 1892. Powell rose to fame during the silent era, sharing the screen with superstars like Bebe Daniels, Evelyn Brent, Kay Francis, and “It Girl” Clara Bow (who also deserves a birthday shout-out today). Early in his career he was often typecast as a villain, but off-screen, Powell was known to be exceedingly gentle, kind, and self-effacing. When the transition to talkies came, unlike so many of his contemporaries, Powell’s career further blossomed, owing to his richly resonant voice. His roles quickly shifted, and he was frequently cast as a suave, intelligent leading man.

Eventually Powell would star opposite Myrna Loy in the career-defining Thin Man franchise as the lovable lush Nick Charles. Given that Nick and Nora’s liquor of choice was gin, we felt it would be a fitting tribute to share the AFS Cinema’s delicious twist on the G&T for you to enjoy (responsibly) at home.

The AFS Cinema G&T

2 oz Highborn Gin
0.5 oz Lillet Rose
0.25 oz Lime Juice
2 oz Elderflower Tonic

Add the lime, Lillet, gin and ice to a double rocks glass. Stir until chilled (15 seconds). Top with elderflower tonic (AFS Cinema uses Fever Tree). Gently swizzle. Garnish with a lime wheel, juniper berries, and a sprig of mint.

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