Listen To This: Composer Kyle Dixon Offers A Meditative Mix for Troubled Times

Austin-based film/TV composer Kyle Dixon (a member of the expansive synth outfit S U R V I V E and 1/2 of the duo behind the culture-shifting Stranger Things score) has graciously assembled a grounding collection of minimalist compositions for our Viewfinders blog. Dixon leans into his ambient influences, sourcing sounds that span decades and continents for this mix of “minimal or calm music for staying home, mostly but not exclusively centered around one instrument.” Give it a deep listen and let your mind roam far from the boundaries of your quarantine zone.

Track list:
Maria Teresa Luciani, “Poor Neighborhoods”
Boli Group, “How To Play”
David Chesworth, “The Unattended Serge 1978 Pt 4”
Kimpu-Ryu, Tozan-Ryu, Kikusui-Ryu, “Koku”
Gurdjeiff & de Hartmann, “The Struggle of the Magicians Fragment No 3”
Shiho, “Ki No Nagare”
Tangerine Dream, “Bus Station / Mae’s Theme (Excerpt)”
Roberto Mazza, “Artigili Arguti”
David Borden, “Esty Point, Summer 1978”
Dino Felipe, “Hedges”
Riccardo Sinigaglia, “Scorrevole 3 (Excerpt)”
Ric Kaestner, “Raga”

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