Exclusive: Watch A Restored Cult Animated Short from Marcell Jankovics

There is nothing quite like the mind-bending animations of Marcell Jankovics, a master artist who has been overlooked outside of his native Hungary for far too long. Jankovics’ films bustle with a fluid, expressionistic energy that, combined with vibrating colors and continuously shape-shifting characters, produces nothing less than a lysergic effect. For the highest dose of this mind-altering style, look to the Hungarian origin myth-inspired SON OF THE WHITE MARE (1981), which you may recall was featured on the cover of our pre-pandemic programming calendar at the beginning of this year. Now, thanks to Arbelos Films, you can take this immersive audio-visual trip beginning this Friday, August 21st in our Virtual Cinema – in a truly astonishing 4K restoration.

To celebrate this long-anticipated release, Arbelos Films has provided AFS with an exclusive online premiere of their new restoration of Jankovics’ 1974 short that earned an Oscar nomination. SISYPHUS is an excellent introduction to Jankovics’ flowing animation style. With every pulsating brushstroke, the mythical struggle of Sisyphus becomes viscerally tangible. While this stripped-down, 2 minute black and white film foregoes the vivid colors and expansive visuals that define his features, the short is a minimalist masterclass in the expressive potential of the animated medium.

Without further ado, enjoy SISYPHUS, then grab your munchies and head to our Virtual Cinema on August 21st for SON OF THE WHITE MARE.