Watch This: Linklater & Assayas Together on Stage at the AFS Cinema

We’ve been very fortunate here at AFS to have some remarkable guests join us at the Cinema. In 2018, we were joined by one of our favorite filmmakers Olivier Assayas. The occasion was the restoration and rerelease of Assayas’ 1994 film COLD WATER. AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater did the honors of hosting the event – a double screening of COLD WATER and SOMETHING IN THE AIR – and the audience was treated to a very special meeting of the minds. Here, for those of you who were not able to make it then, is a video of their discussion and Q&A session.

If you haven’t seen COLD WATER yet, don’t worry — the restored version COLD WATER is available right now on the Criterion Channel. Plus, if you’re an AFS member who hasn’t tried the streaming service yet, we have a limited time offer where you can receive 50% off your first three months. If you missed the code, reach out to our membership team here to get it — the offer expires August 31.



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