AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Precode Movies with Professor Caroline Frick

Last month we hosted a member-exclusive Zoom discussion with Professor Caroline Frick of the University of Texas and the invaluable Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) on the subject of the precode film THREE ON A MATCH. The following discussion covers a good deal of the history of Hollywood’s self-censoring production code, and the films made before it was strictly enforced.

We should warn you that the discussion gets into the particulars of the plot of THREE ON A MATCH. It is guaranteed to spoil the film for you if you haven’t seen it. Fortunately, as of this writing, the film can be seen on the Criterion Channel, which has a special sign-up deal for AFS Members.

Special thanks to Dr. Frick and all the AFS members who participated in the conversation. Be sure to join us for our next AFS Discussion Club on October 27th, which will focus on the 1971 art-horror classic DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS (which happens to include a few nods to Pre-Code film and fashion). Sign up here >>

You can listen to the podcast below or stream it via your preferred podcast host.

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