Interview: Spaceflight Records Talks ‘DARK STAR’ on December 17 at the AFS Cinema

On December 17, Spaceflight Records joins AFS for a special evening of sight and sound with a big screen presentation of John Carpenter’s 1974 debut feature DARK STAR. As a non-profit, the Austin-based record label provides equitable access to the many different aspects of the recording industry often way out of reach for marginalized musicians. An important part of that mission is being a launch pad for emerging artists and bringing Austin’s creative scenes together through events like this. Why DARK STAR? It’s a genuinely funny sci-fi farce about a junky starship, manned by bored misfits, dispatched to find and destroy unstable planets, and an all-time favorite of the label’s team. It is also in keeping with the theme of Spaceflight’s namesake—the evening promises to be a fun, multi-sensory exploration of one of the many interpretations of outer space…plus astronauts in Addidas sneakers.

Ahead of the event, AFS spoke with Spacefilght Records’ Brett Orrison and Sam Douglas to find out more.

Spaceflight Records Presents John Carpenter’s DARK STAR on December 17 at 7PM at the AFS Cinema. Join us beforehand for a live performance by Galactic Protector. Get tickets.

Tell us a little about Spaceflight Records.
Spaceflight Records is the first 501(c)(3) non-profit record label of its kind in America, organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It was created to develop, promote and advance the appreciation of Austin, Texas musicians and their music by providing access to commercial record label services and music business revenue streams which are so vital to a musician’s success. Spaceflight provides marketing, radio promotion, video content creation, legal services, sync licensing opportunities, album release management, artist development and distribution. We provide these services at no cost to the artists, giving them an opportunity for success without incurring large amounts of debt. We are a launch pad for emerging music.

What inspired you to create a non-profit record label?
Spaceflight was created to provide equitable recording contracts and artist development services to marginalized recording artists. We believe stripping down the economic barriers of promoting and distributing music will increase representation, diversity and access to the industry.

Why the film DARK STAR for this event?
DARK STAR is a campy, psychedelic unpredictable sci-fi comedy. It’s John Carpenter’s first film, but it feels like it was co-directed by Robert Downey, Sr. And, I love that all the astronauts are wearing Addidas sneakers. How could you not wanna see this on a big screen with 200 of your closest friends?

What can audiences expect on 12/17 at the AFS Cinema?
This will be an exploration into one of the many interpretations of outer space. A live performance by Galactic Protector will start and end the show. His songs could be described as spaceship lounge music and downbeat electronic. We are hoping it will be an event full of people that are as inspired by the exponential possibilities of spaceflight as we are.

We love this event! Does Spaceflight host similar events around Austin? 
This event is the first of its kind for us. AFS is doing wonderful things for Austin’s creative community and we are proud to be involved. We plan on creating more events that focus on bringing the film and music scene together.

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