Austin Public COVID-19 Updates


Updated May 4th 2021

The City’s stay at home order has been updated and can be found here. Due to the changes in the order we will be moving to phase 2 of our reopen plan starting May 10, 2021. 

Phase 2 will consist of two edit lab stations and use of studio 2, studio 3 or our new audio production suite. Equipment reservations will also continue under the current protocols (normal workflow within the Portal). We’ll be opening an additional day and shifting to night hours. This phase is currently scheduled to last at least a couple months until we expand into Phase 3 sometime in the summer.  As always, please know that there is a requirement that the content you create be aired on the public access channels and please make sure you are abiding by the policies taught in our media policy class, which would include following state and local laws and regulations.



  • Monday 2-10pm
  • Tuesday 2-10pm
  • Thursday 2-10pm



  • Temperatures will be taken at the door with a no-contact thermometer before you are allowed inside for studio or editing use. Anyone with too low or too high a temperature will not be permitted to enter the building. 
  • Masks are still REQUIRED at all times except if you are on-camera and the camera is recording.
  • Edit station time is booked through the portal and is first come, first served for up to a full-day 8-hour reservation. 
  • Two studio time blocks will be available per day with (1) from 2-5:30PM and (2) from 6-10PM to allow sanitation in between the two blocks. These new assets will not show up on the Portal until the week of May 3rd in preparation for reservations starting May 10th. 
  • Only one studio will be in use at a time for now. There will be two assets in the Producer Portal under the Production Spaces section called “Studio Use: 2-5:30pm” and “Studio Use: 6-10pm.” Please let us know in the notes field of the reservation form which studio space you’ll be using. Certifications apply for Studio 2, Studio 3 and Pro-Tools and Audio Production Suite. 
  • Studio 1 will remain closed during Phase 2 of our reopen plan. 
  • The Audio Production Suite will only be available to studio certified Producers during Phase 2. 
  • Reservations are made through the Portal, same as before.


  • Only the lighting board, camera dollies, remotes, light switches and door knobs will be wiped down inside studio 2 between uses. All high touch devices, areas and countertops in the Studio 2 control room, Studio 3 and Audio Production Suite will be wiped in between uses. Gloves will be provided and you are encouraged to use them when in the studio spaces. Hand sanitizer and wipes will  also be available.
  • Studios will have limited capacities: 
    • Studio 2 will have a limit of 3 people
    • Studio 2 control room will have a limit of 2 people
    • Studio 3 will have a limit of 3 people
    • Audio Suite will have a limit of 2 people
  • Producers must supply a list of crew and talent that will be present during the reservation through email or on the reservation form notes field. Email to use should be and sent prior to arriving at AP.
  • Producers must arrive at least 15-minutes prior to the studio reservation start time. 
  • No crew or talent will be allowed in the building until the Producer arrives and has had their temperature taken. 
  • Producers must inform all crew and talent of these policies including mask and temperature check requirements before arrival.
  • Only Producers, crew and talent will be allowed onsite. No live audiences at this time. 
  • Snack breaks, crew gatherings, etc will need to occur in the picnic areas outside for now. 


If you are an active Producer within the Producer Program here is the current process on how to checkout gear:

  • Equipment checkouts are requested through your Producer Portal login. It is the same workflow that existed prior to COVID.
  • Like always, the equipment will need to be used in support of your content creation for the channels, series, live show production or for practice.
  • Reservations will be limited and are first-come first served, as resources and availability allow.The length of reservations will be on a case-by-case basis determined by the Producer’s production needs and current demand for the specific resources being requested.
  • COVID-19 related policies are listed on our checkout contracts so please make sure to review those before signing.

If you have content and/or need information on how to upload and program your show then here is the programming information on our website as well as a training video explaining the process. If you have any further questions about remote streaming or channel programming please reach out to

We will continue to keep all Producers updated through email, and as always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns:

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