Thank you for your interest in the Creative Careers program. Below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you need clarification on any of the answers here, please feel free to reach out to workforce@austinfilm.org with your questions.


What are the program dates? (if accepted)

  • AFS Internship: March 18, 2024-August 30, 2024
  • Immersive Training: April 16, 2024-July 12, 2024
  • Continuing Education: 
    • Session 1 April 23, 2024-July 5, 2024
    • Session 2 July 9, 2024-September 27, 2024
    • Session 3 September 30, 2024-December 20, 2024

How does the application process work?

  • Interested people will submit our Creative Careers application, which consists of basic demographic questions, at least two professional or academic references, and questions about your professional creative goals and experiences.
  • Dates
    • Applications close: February 9th, 2024
    • Notification of Application Status
      1. Internship Pathway 1- March 15, 2024
      2. Immersive Training Pathway 2- April 12, 2024

How many people are accepted into the program? 

  • Internship Pathway- 8-10 People
  • Immersive Training- 10-12 People
  • Continuing Education- 6-8 People

Can I apply for more than one pathway?

We encourage you to apply for the pathway that best fits your needs and goals.

What kind of experience do I need to qualify for Creative Careers?

  • We accept applications from those who have all levels of experience.  The most important quality we look for is passion for the creative industry. Below are some general experience requirements for each pathway.  To determine the best pathway for you, visit the Creative Careers webpage to learn more.  
  • Internships Pathway (No experience required)
  • Immersive Training Pathway (Some experience required)
  • Continuing Education Pathway (Professional experience required)

What if I’m in college — can I participate? 

Participants in our program often complete the program while attending college. Review the time commitment required for each pathway to determine which is best for you. This is a workforce-centered program, and we’re looking for applicants who want to prioritize paid internships or employment after completion of the program.

Will I receive college credit?

Creative Careers does not offer course credit, but participants can earn certification towards producer program membership.  Creative Careers graduates receive certificates of completion and specialized training badges. 

What if I’m already in the producer program at AFS — can I still apply? 

Yes! You can still apply.  As an AFS producer, you may have already taken resource certification classes which are included in Creative Careers’ curriculum. In addition to resource certification, the program provides continuing education and workforce development opportunities for producer program participants.

What if I live outside of Austin but plan to move to the city?

In order to be eligible for the Creative Careers program, you must live in one of the following Austin-area counties at the time of submitting your application: Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell, Bastrop.

What if I’m over the 18-24 age range but want to apply to the Internship Pathway because I have no experience?

We would encourage you to review AFS’ Producer Program and our continuing education courses to see if they are right for you.

What is the schedule like?  What can I expect day to day? 

At the beginning of the program, you will be given a set schedule, which varies according to the pathway you’ve been placed in. Each week will have a certain amount of scheduled classes, meetings, events, and other forms of in-person training, typically happening weekday evenings, or on the weekends. A typical weekday class will begin at 6 PM and end at 9 PM. Please be aware that class times are not consistent/recurring across weeks. Participants are expected to be flexible to accommodate the schedule that is set. While some classes are required, there are also classes that are “specialty”, meaning that they are optional for participants to take, and allow you to pick and choose. FOR AFS INTERNSHIP PATHWAY: When you reach your “Department Internship Phase”, you will be placed within an AFS department, and you will collaborate with the department head to decide on your weekly schedule to hit your required hours.

What time commitment is needed across pathways?

  • For the AFS Internship Pathway, participants are expected to commit 15 hours per week. This is achieved through attendance of classes and meetings, completion of assignments (if given), work as a department intern, and volunteer events.
  • For the Immersive Training Pathway, participants are expected to commit eight hours per week. This is achieved through attendance of classes and meetings, completion of assignments (if given), and on-set work with Production Services.
  • For the Continuing Education Pathway, there is no requirement for hours in place, so participants can take as little or as many classes as they desire.

Can I complete the program online?

No. While there is a possibility of having a few classes taught online, the majority of our training is in-person. This is primarily an on-site program.

Are there opportunities to go above and beyond my required hours?

Of course! There will be a variety of “specialty” courses available for participants to choose from, which are optional and allow participants to get more hours.

How much is the stipend? 

Stipends are electronically paid on a bi-monthly basis to all active Internship Pathway and Immersive Pathway participants. Typical payment ranges are between $225–$250 every two weeks plus wraparound service support.

What types of training does the Creative Careers program offer?

We offer three categories of classes: Workforce Development, Resource Certification, and Continuing Education. Workforce Development courses are classes and workshops designed to train and prepare Creative Careers participants for jobs in the creative industries, e.g. our “PA training” course. Continuing Education courses are community classes and workshops that provide technical training and creative development across a variety of disciplines, e.g. our “Mixing for Live Sound and Music” class. Resource Certification courses are offered on a monthly and bi-monthly basis to train people on the resources available within the AFS Producer Program, e.g. camera, lighting, sound, and studio space classes.

Creative Conversations are moderated discussions with industry professionals offering their personal, professional journeys and insights into the current creative landscape.

We also offer plenty of volunteer opportunities to network and gain connections at AFS-related events.

Will I have a chance to work on set?

If you are in the Immersive Training Pathway, you will be able to get on-set experience through Production Services (see following question). If you are in the AFS Internship Pathway, there is the possibility of job shadowing opportunities on a set during and after your program (not guaranteed). 

Job Shadowing opportunities occur when partners of our program come to us with the opportunity to have our participants shadow on set for a day. Previous cohorts have gotten the opportunity to shadow on indie film sets. Shadowing opportunities are contingent upon time of year and active projects available. 

What is Production Services?

The main focus of Production Services is to produce professional-quality video and digital content for local nonprofit organizations and businesses while also fostering practical, onset education and resume building opportunities to Creative Careers trainees.

What type of work does Production Services do?

Commercials, short documentaries, PSAs, and live events.

What type of clients has AFS worked with in the past?

We’ve worked with Austin PBS/KLRU, Forklift Danceworks, Austin Public Library, D.A.W.A., and Cine Las Americas International Film Festival.

How will this program help me connect with job opportunities?

If you are in the AFS Internship Pathway or Immersive Training Pathway, at the end of your program, you will go through career counseling with our Program Manager, where we support you by helping refine your job research materials, strategize on goals, develop an action plan, connect you with resources, and recommend opportunities depending on your interests. (Placement in Creative Careers does not guarantee automatic placement into an entry-level job in the industry.) In addition, participants across all pathways will have access to our AFS Creative Careers job board on LinkedIn and many additional opportunities to connect with industry professionals through our Creative Conversations, mixers, tours, workshops, and mentorship sessions.

What type of jobs have past participants landed after graduating from the program?  

Glad you asked! Our participants have landed jobs at various production companies (Blue Suitcase Productions, 3rd and Lamar, Northshore Media), film festivals (SXSW, Austin Film Festival), and animation studios (Dreamworks).  Participants have also landed a variety of great on-set opportunities like PA gigs (ESPN, Bass Reeves on Paramount +, commercials, feature films, short films), DIT work, producing work, and more.

What are some additional benefits of being in the Creative Careers program?

  • AFS membership- To be a MEMBER at AFS means to have access to our educational and artistic programs (AFS Cinema). Interns and Immersive trainees will receive a “STAFF” membership. After graduation, you will be given a free “LOVE” membership for a year. Continuing Education will receive a “LOVE” membership for the duration of the program.
  • Producer Program Access- Through training classes and subscription fees, a producer may receive access to production resources provided by our Austin Public location, which include cameras, audio gear, lighting gear, grip gear studios, and edit space, with the intention of creating content for the Austin Public channel. Internship Pathway 1 and Immersive Training Pathway 2 will have the opportunity to sign up for the producer’s program at the end of the Creative Careers Program. (Not applicable to Continuing Education, but you may sign up on your own).
  • Access to industry events- All creative career participants will have access to AFS Membership Mondays, Works-In-Progress sessions, AFS Member Mixers, and many more industry events. 
  • Technology- Interns will receive a creative careers laptop and hard drive, access to Adobe Creative Suite, and access to a private editing suite for their internship projects. Immersive trainees will receive a hard drive, access to Adobe Creative Suite & other programs, and access to a private editing suite. Continuing Education can access technology from Austin Public by joining the producer’s program.

Can I utilize the resources of AFS to work on personal projects while in Creative Careers? 

While in the creative careers program, we expect you to prioritize your training and projects related to AFS. Once you’ve completed the program, then you’ll have more free time to work on your personal projects.

Will I be able to use program created content for my reel or resume?

Yes! For any project that you work on, you may have access to build your reel.

Will I meet Richard Linklater? 

Anything is possible, but no promises!

What if I don’t get into this cycle of Creative Careers?

If you aren’t selected for the upcoming Creative Careers cycle, we encourage you to apply during the next program cycle. Stay tuned for the next cycle announcement by subscribing to our newsletter. You should also check out AFS’s other resources, “The Producer Program” and “Filmmaker Support.”

Who can I reach out to to follow up with any questions?

If you need clarification on any of the above information, please feel free to reach out to workforce@austinfilm.org with your questions.