Austin Asian American Film Festival



Austin Asian American Film Festival

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Screening is free and open to the public.

The Traveler Takamure さすらい人高群逸枝 (Jing Niu, USA, Japan, 17 mins, English, Japanese)

When filmmaker Jing Niu discovers a lost book by poet and feminist Takamure Itsue, recounting the 750-mile pilgrimage she completed in 1918, Jing quits her job, packs her bags, and embarks on an epic journey to Japan to retrace Takamure’s footsteps.

Radical Cram School (Jenessa Joffe, USA, 18 mins, English)

Performance artist and comedian Kristina Wong explores social justice topics with Asian American girls and non-binary kids ages 7-11. Puppets, songs, games, and comedy help introduce concepts such as misogyny, structural racism, microaggressions, and wage inequality.

Jia 嫁 (Li Cheng, France, China, 13 mins, Mandarin)

Jia, the woman who brought me up, has passed away. My neighborhood is due to be demolished. I hold on to my camera to try to stop time in its tracks, finding comfort in my fondest memories.

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