Directed by Bob Fosse

USA, 1979, 2h 3min, DCP


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Bob Fosse’s largely autobiographical story of a drinking, drugging, and womanizing Broadway director turns into a dizzying kaleidoscopic exorcism of the dark side of the entertainment business.


Sensational dancing and eye-popping production numbers punctuate the confessional reminiscences of arrogant, satirical theatrical eminence Joe Gideon as he flirts with Death.”Kim Newman, Empire

ALL THAT JAZZ is the most forthrightly candid variation ever worked out on Peter Pan and all other middle-aged boys who have refused to grow up.” – Vincent Canby, The New York Times

“Joe Gideon . . . is a man who just never stops directing, even when he is having an argument with somebody that is very important to him . . . he’s the total director. He even fantasizes his death as this elaborate concert with music.” – Bob Fosse, quoted in Vanity Fair

All That Jazz Still 1

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