Directed by Gerald Kargl

Austria, 1983, 1h 19min, In German with English Subtitles


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A day in the life of a killer? Murder. Featuring music by Tangerine Dream’s Klaus Schulze and cinematography by Oscar-winner Zbigniew Rybczyński, it’s sure to keep you up — late. Based on a true story.


“Shot in an avant-garde combination of high overhead shots and tight close-ups of faces (of the living and the dead), and featuring an electronic score by Klaus Schulze, ANGST quickly outpaces its true-life serial-killer origins to become essential arthouse horror, though only for those with the strongest of constitutions.”Marc Walkow, Film Comment

“It’s time for ANGST to get the respect it deserves, not just as some lost extreme splatter flick, but as the amazingly immersive art film it truly is” – Erik McClanahan, IndieWire

“The ultimate unknown thriller masterpiece, one that I have watched more than 40 times.”Gaspar Noé


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