Children of Abraham/Ibrahim


Directed by Sadaf Foroughi

Iran/Canada/Qatar, 2017, 1h 42min, DCP, In Persian with English Subtitles

Children of Abraham/Ibrahim

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Featuring an introduction from series programmer, Chale Nafus.

I decided to make a film that is not set in a specific period of time, because the dynamics inside Iranian families have not changed over the years. The social dynamics are the same as when I was a teenager. The film takes place in the present, but its roots go back 40 years, or perhaps even hundreds of years. As do its traditions and taboos, and the lack of true dialogue inside families. — Sadaf Foroughi

Growing up in a middle-class family can be stifling anywhere, but in post-revolutionary Iran, family paranoia about committing social improprieties is accompanied by restrictive theocratic rules and regulations. These two forces will put 17-year-old Ava into an almost untenable situation when she begins liking boys. Sharing secrets with girlfriends at school while necessarily lying to her parents, Ava finds herself unfairly suspected of immorality. The mother’s frenzied intrusion into Ava’s life – a result of the woman’s own premarital pregnancy and unloving marriage – drives the two apart and forces the young girl to make some important decisions.

Series co-programmed by Chale Nafus.

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