Newly Restored


Directed by Tim Burton

USA, 1988, 1h 32min, 4k DCP

Newly Restored

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Newly restored in 4K.

Tim Burton’s macabre and very funny live-action cartoon stars Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as a newlywed couple, killed in a freak car crash, who are forced to wait 50 years to get into heaven. In the meantime they must become ghosts and haunt their old house. A simple enough matter until the new owners, an obnoxious yuppie couple (Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones) and their goth daughter (Winona Ryder) show up. It’s too much to bear so they try to scare them out. All their attempts fail, so they call in the pro – a highly experienced haunter named Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton). What could go wrong?

Endlessly inventive, packed with fast-paced gags, and extraordinarily well acted by the talented cast, this is truly one of the best popcorn movies of the ’80s.

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