Family Style


Directed by George Sidney

USA, 1963, 1h 52min, DCP

Family Style

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Join us for a talk afterwards with local actor and theater teacher, Michelle Malia, as she discusses the historical perspective of the musical and film versions of BYE BYE BIRDIE and suggests other great musicals to view with the whole family.

In this original high school musical, teen idol Conrad Birdie (a nod to Elvis) is drafted into the U.S. Army, much to the dismay of his frenzied fans. A publicity stunt puts one lucky girl (Ann-Margaret in the role that made her a star) in the spotlight as the recipient of his farewell kissto the exasperation of her father (the fabulous Paul Lynde) and her jealous boyfriend. Birdie sets hearts afire and mucks up relationships all in the name of catchy songs and hilarious chaos. 

Bye Bye Birdie Still 01

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