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Directed by Olivier Meyrou

France, 2019, 1h 14min, DCP, In French with English Subtitles

New Releases

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Suppressed for 12 years, this revelatory and unusual documentary takes us into one of the most iconic fashion houses of all time, and shows us the inner workings of a genius and his collaborators. More than just a behind-the-scenes doc, this is a work of art in itself about the many ways in which creative artists must surround themselves with a bodyguard of mundane details and commercial structures.

As Yves Saint Laurent, one of the greatest Parisian haute couture designers, draws the sketches for his final collection, behind the scenes, his close collaborator Pierre Bergé manages a series of events to celebrate the fashion icon as a modern myth. Immersed inside the couture house during YSL’s final two years there, documentary filmmaker Olivier Meyrou’s camera films the YSL-Bergé duo.


“Olivier Meyrou’s ironically titled documentary weaves a tightly constructed story about success, power, and mortality.” – Pat Brown, Slant Magazine

“Saint Laurent was essential to 20th-century culture, and CELEBRATION shows the inevitable fading of glory as well as the enduring features of his life’s work.” – Glenn Kenny, New York Times

“A haunting look at the final creative years of a fashion genius.” – Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter