Modern Masters: Free Member Mondays


Directed by Hong Sang-soo

France & South Korea, 2017, 1h 9min, DCP, In Korean with English Subtitles

Modern Masters  Free Member Mondays

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Isabelle Huppert plays Claire, a warm-hearted Parisian tourist on her first visit to the Cannes Film Festival, just for fun. Min-hee Kim (THE HANDMAIDEN) plays Manhee Jeon, a junior professional at a film sales company, who is fired mid-festival for mysterious reasons, and is stuck in Cannes to ponder her fate. The stories of the tourist and the accidental tourist begin to overlap. Like the best works of it’s prolific director, CLAIRE’S CAMERA is playfully elliptical and surprisingly poignant, and will catch you off-guard with it’s charm and authentic sincerity.

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