Essential Cinema: Children of Abraham/Ibrahim


Directed by Semih Kaplanoglu

Turkey, 2021, 2h 27min, DCP, In Turkish with English Subtitles

Essential Cinema  Children of Abraham/Ibrahim

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This screening will be hosted by Jeannette Okur, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Turkish Program Coordinator, at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University Of Texas, Austin.

In Turkey’s entry to the 2023 Oscar race, we are drawn into the world of a farmer (Umut Karadag) who tends to his land until a particularly galling bureaucratic outrage draws him into a standoff as well as a reflection about the way his and his countrymen’s faith is tried by the modern world.


Our annual Children of Abraham/Ibrahim series continues to look at films from an area rich in tumultuous history, art, and literature but often mired in war and misunderstanding among the three religions that trace their roots back to a shared progenitor — Abraham/Ibrahim. Filmmakers from the Middle East, North Africa, and the diasporic communities continue to hunt for a common humanity. We share in their efforts with our screening series, enhanced by guests and discussions. Films are selected from the most recent releases in Middle Eastern cinema. Presented in partnership with the University of Texas Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Each film will be introduced by a faculty member from the department.

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