Essential Cinema: Fast Women of the Pre-Code Era


Directed by Ernst Lubitsch

USA, 1933, 1h 31min, DCP

Essential Cinema  Fast Women of the Pre-Code Era

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“Not just sexy but also revolutionary, daring, sweet, sour, cynical, carefree, poignant, and so far ahead of its time that one could cite it as not only a pre-Code masterpiece but also a pre-feminist testimonial.”
—Kim Morgan, author of Design For Living: It Takes Three

“The primary sexual freedom rendered on the screen is the freedom to confess—to express attraction or to admit dalliances that will cause hurt. In one faux-feminist monologue, Miriam Hopkins’ Gilda marvels at the luck she’s been given to be able to try various men on, like hats, and decide to keep two in her closet.”
Slant Magazine

Perfection. In this Ernst Lubitsch adaptation of the Noël Coward play, Miriam Hopkins plays an advertising artist who falls in with a pair of Bohemian best friends, playwright Fredric March and painter Gary Cooper. The two men compete for Hopkins’ affection at first, but they soon settle into what we might today call a throuple. An irresistible comedy that is shocking in its moral irreverence.

Design For Living still