Modern Masters


Directed by Hong Sang Soo

South Korea, 2018, 1h 6min, DCP, In Korean with English Subtitles

Modern Masters

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

GRASS demonstrates a fresh type of playfulness from the prolific filmmaker.” – Sarah Ward, Screen Daily

GRASS, true to its title, is small, sharp and bladelike. It may strike you as more of the same until you see it and its implications and possibilities begin to grow and multiply.” – Justin Chang, The Los Angeles Times

With a disturbing simplicity, he maps a passing vortex of pain onto bare and banal places and, in the process, rescues it from oblivion.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

A chamber piece involving the patrons of a small café in Seoul where artists and writers come to dream. The inimitable Korean director Hong Sang Soo (CLAIRE’S CAMERA, WOMAN ON THE BEACH), crafts a film about overheard conversations, chance meetings, and the circular paths that artists travel.

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